TextQuick Stamp

Do you know who your text buddies really are? Want a quick way to find friends in your address book? Want to make your phone easier to use? Then TextQuick is for you. TextQuick presents you with a list of your contacts sorted in popularity order. TextQuick sorts your contacts based on the number of text messages you have sent and received between each other. With one click you can start a text message or a call. Simple, fast, easy.


TextQuick on Ovi


How does it work?

When TextQuick starts for the first time it works out who you text the most, by scanning through all your text messages, both those you've sent and those messages you've received.  Depending on how many messages you have in your inbox this could take a minute or so.  But don't worry it saves all this information so that next time you start TextQuick it will be up and running in about two seconds. TextQuick updates its list of who it thinks are your most popular text friends every time you start it.

Download the User Guide and Release Notes

PDF Manual The user guide and releases notes are available here for you to download!